“Spin that turkey!” The ScratchJr Thanksgiving Bingo game

This Thanksgiving ScratchJr game is a great fun for the whole family! You’ll have a blast creating the spinning turkey animation and then playing the Bingo game.

What you’ll need:

  • A set of Bingo cards (just draw 3 x 3 or 5 x 5 grid on a piece of paper)
  • An iPad / Android tablet with the ScratchJr app installed
  • Color pens, crayons etc.
  • Bingo chips (use any small items like buttons, coins etc.)

The rules of the game are the same as in the well-known Bingo game… but we’ll use the Thanksgiving turkey tail to draw the colors!  ?

Check it for yourself:

How does it work? Press the green flag to start the animation and spin the turkey’s tail.
Stop the animation to draw the color.
When the animation is stopped, the turkey’s beak (or rather it’s snood) will show you the drawn color. Crazy, isn’t it? ?

When the animation is stopped like that, it means that the yellow color was drawn.
All players should cover one yellow field on their Bingo cards.

How to create the “Thanksgiving drawing machine” in ScratchJr

To create this Thanksgiving ScratchJr animation, you’ll need to create two separate characters – a turkey (with a really long snood!) and a colorful tail.

Let’s start with a tail. Draw an ellipse and will it with color. Duplicate the ellipse (eight times), rotate the shapes and move them so that they form a “star”. Color individual elements as desired, but remember – the colors on a tail should be exactly the same as on your Bingo cards.

Next, draw the Thanksgiving turkey. Remember to give it a really long snood ? Here is my character:

ScratchJr Thanksgiving turkey character.

The last step is to animate the tail. When the animation starts (the green flag is tapped), the tail should rotate in a “forever” loop. Here is the correct script:

ScratchJr Thanksgiving project solution script

To get this ScratchJr project, fill out the form below! You will get the .sjr file that you can easily open in your ScratchJr app!

Let’s play Bingo!

Once your ScratchJr animation is ready, it’s time to prepare your Bingo cards.

Each player should color his card randomly (but make sure that the colors you use are the same as on the turkey tail).
Each player takes turns starting and stopping the animation. Players cover the drawn color on their boards (if they have it). The colors on the boards may repeat, but you can place only one chip per turn.

Have fun!


  1. Dear Weronika,

    I would like to ask you in which progrogram I can open your project .sjr ?

    Thank you ,


    1. Hi Helena!
      You can open it in the ScratchJr app on your iPad / Android tablet.
      First, install the ScratchJr app on your device (it’s free) and then click the .sjr file. It should open up in ScratchJr by default.

  2. Hello Weronika.
    I wrote to you an email, asking for help with a scratch jr exercise booklet that I want to do. Please, if you could help me.
    Excellent day for you.

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