„Flashcards” quizzes with ScratchJr

The „Flashcards” project is a universal teaching tool that can be used both at home and at school for many entertaining and educational games. The goal is for your pupils to prepare said flashcards (rectangles with pictures or text on them) and use them in a simple puzzle or guessing game. When a puzzle flashcard is tapped, it “turns over” to reveal the answer. This activity teaches how to use the “start on tap” block and how to edit existing characters.

Depending on the age and skillset of your students, you can suggest various puzzles or quizzes for the flashcard game:

  • Basic spelling – what letter does the depicted word start with?
  • Spelling words – how to spell the depicted word?
  • Foreign language flashcards – same as above, but in a foreign language
  • Calculations – to brush up on math
  • Geography, biology, or pretty much anything your young coders will come up with!

How to start?

Your flashcard can contain a picture or some text (e.g. a word to be spelled, a question or a set of instructions). In order to create one with a character from the ScratchJr application, pick the character you want to appear on the flashcard and edit it.
Next, draw a rectangle, fill it in with solid color and move the character so that it appears on top of the rectangle that now forms a background for it:

Next, add the answer to the flashcard (its reverse side). The answer can, again, take the form of a character or text. Now, position the characters so that one covers the other completely.

Then, add the following script to the flashcard:

As simple as that!

Each student can now present their puzzle or riddle to you, their siblings, or their classmates. All it takes is one tap on the screen to learn the correct answer!

Different „Flashcards” ideas

You can use this project to help with math practice:

Suggest various possible activities to your students, but let them come up with their own themes and puzzles.

Do you have any other ideas for flashcards? Let me know in the comments!

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