Drum time! A ScratchJr animation with sounds

Today, we are staying in the realm of musical instruments (and turn blocks).
If your pupils enjoyed the ringing bell animation presented in the previous post, in order to help them internalize the exercise, you can suggest a similar game – making a drum animation!

This time you have to start by creating three characters – the drum and two drumsticks, left and right.

Every time one of the sticks strikes the drum, the script plays a sound (you can use the default ‘pop’ sound block or record the sound of a real drum).

The movement of the drumsticks should be programmed the same way the bell moved in the previous post, but you have to coordinate the rotation cycles of the drumsticks so that they hit the drum by turns, not both at the same time.

For a simpler version of the task, you can have your students add only one drumstick. Use two if your pupils are ready for a more challenging exercise.

See the solution scripts below (the scripts can be worked out in many different ways, my solution is just an example – you can achieve the same effect through different means):

ScratchJr drum animation.

How do you like this idea? Let me know in your comments!

Happy coding!


  1. Ребенку 6.9 лет.
    Распечатывали карточки, разбирали подробно события, далее он самостоятельно строил код.

    Спасибо за интересные задания, понятные и доступные для понимания уроки, особенно увлек светофор, ждем обновлений.

    1. I had to use Google Translate to understand your comment 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m so glad that your kids like those animations. I’m going to publish more soon!

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