Does this ring a bell? An animation to practice turn blocks

Today, I’d like to show you an animation that will help your students practice with the right and left turn blocks: a ringing bell. The task will be much more interesting if you record the sound of an actual bell or ringtone and add it to the project!

  1. First, create a new character – the bell. I created mine using the shape tools: a circle, ellipses, and a rectangle.
  2. Now, prepare the script for the bell. The character turns (rotates) left and right by a turn factor of 2, so 60 degrees. Whenever the bell reaches its maximum tilt in one direction, it makes a noise. You can use the built-in “pop” sound, or you can record your own.
  3. End your script with the “repeat forever” block. This will make your bell ring continuously until you stop it.

See the solution below:

Ringing bell - solution with turn blocks.

If your pupils find it difficult to put the scripts together by themselves, you can help by suggesting playing with cut-outs first.

Download the block sets for this exercise (check the form below), print them out and distribute them among the kids. You can also use sets of laminated cards if you have them already (you can find small printable coding blocks in this post).

Kids may arrive at the solution by trial and error, that is, by arranging their cut-outs together to form a script and testing that script on their tablets, to see if any blocks need rearranging.

How do you like this animation? Please, let me know!

Happy coding!


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