Turn it around!

Today, I prepared another “match and connect” activity. It’s quite similar to the one presented in the Tricky motion blocks post, but this time the goal is to connect turn blocks with corresponding angles of rotation.

The aim of this exercise is to help your pupils understand what the number arguments on clockwise and counterclockwise turn blocks mean: when a character turns by 3, it is rotated 90 degrees (quarter of a full circle). So, a turn value of 6 means a 180-degree rotation,  or a half-circle. This exercise helps develop your pupils’ spatial intelligence and geometry skills.

On the worksheet, there are six different turn blocks. I’ve prepared it in several different versions.

Version 1: Unlock the word

You’ll find a letter next to each individual angle of rotation. If the blocks and angles are properly matched, the letters will be arranged to spell a word:

I’ve prepared two separate password sheets – for the words CIRCLE and SQUARE.

Version 2: No password

It’s the „quickest” variant of the exercise, and best for kids who can’t read or write very well, as everything it involves is matching blocks with corresponding angles of rotation.

Turn blocks worksheet.

Version 3: Fill in your own word

You can use this variant in two different ways. You can choose your own words for the exercise, especially if you don’t teach in English. For example, in the illustration below, you’ll find a worksheet filled out so that the password is “jirafa” (Spanish for giraffe):

Turn blocks worksheet.

You can also ask your students to come up with words of their own, although this will require some ‘reverse engineering’, as they will have to choose a word for their project, but also figure out what the correct order of letters is. This might be a bit complicated, but you could give it a try with older kids.

Your pupils may find the task easier to do if you let them use the ScratchJr app. All they have to do is choose a character and observe its behaviour after clicking a paired turn block.  Watching this simple script play out will help them match angles of rotation with turn blocks.

Happy coding!

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