Tricky motion blocks scripts – so similar, yet so different!

This fun exercise can be used as a way to sum up work with basic motion blocks or an interlude during the lesson.
There are five different scripts on each worksheet. The scripts are very similar, but there are differences in details, eg. the number of steps or the change between a left and a right turn.

Your pupils’ goal is to connect each script with a relevant route.

ScratchJr motion blocks exercise.

This activity can be carried out offline (without the use of tablets), but you can encourage your pupils to recreate the scripts on their tablets, run them and observe the effects. They’ll watch how the characters move and this way they’ll easily decide on the correct routes.

ScratchJr motion blocks exercise.

To download the worksheets, simply fill out the form below.
The pack contains two different worksheets.

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Happy coding!


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