How to share ScratchJr projects (and what if it does not work on Android) ?

I’ve been asked many times how to export and share ScratchJr projects.
It is a common problem (especially on Android tablets) that the imported ScratchJr project does not show up. Fortunately, there is a simple workaround that usually helps!

How to save a ScratchJr project and send it via email?

First, create your ScratchJr project and save it on one device. To save your project, click the yellow ribbon in the upper right corner, then enter the name of the project:

Click yellow ribbon in the upper right corner
Enter name for the project

Next, click the “For parents” button and you will be asked to solve a very difficult math problem ? This is because an adult must approve sharing projects online.

Click “For parents” button
Click on the correct answer

Next, click the “Share by email” button, choose your favorite mail app and send the auto-generated email with attachment. Of course, you can change the default content of the email – what matters is the attachment.
This attachment is your project saved as a special file in the .sjr format.

Click “Share by email” button
Select the email app that you usually use

Open ScratchJr project from an email – the happy path

As the next step, we will try to open the same project on a different device.

It may seem obvious,  but you have to make sure that the ScratchJr app is installed on the other device! ?

Open the email and find the .sjr file (you can download it, but it’s not necessary). Next, click (tap) on the .sjr file attachment. When you do it for the first time, there might be a popup asking what app you’d like to use. Choose ScratchJr.

On some systems the ScratchJr app opens up automatically. And sometimes, you must close the email app and open the ScratchJr app yourself.

On the home screen, you should see your imported project with a blue ribbon on it:

Open the email and click on the email attachment
The imported project has a blue ribbon on it

ScratchJr project does not show up! How to open ScratchJr project on Android?

If the happy path didn’t work for you and you still cannot see the new ScratchJr project, try this way:

1.) open up the ScratchJr app and open a new project (just a new blank project).

2.) do not close the ScratchJr app in the Android system (it should be running in background)

When you are on this screen, press the home button on your Android tablet to go to the tablet home screen.
Do not close the ScratchJr app! It should still work in the background.

3.) open the email app, open the email with attachment and tap on the .sjr file

4.) go back to the ScratchJr app and (only now!) click the orange house icon to go back to the “My Projects” page

Go back to the ScratchJr app and click the orange house icon

The new project should be visible there!

Did it work for you, was it helpful? Please let me know!


      1. Hi Zaki and Mery!
        what exactly do you want to do? Would you like to share from one PC to another PC?
        You can read about reloading saved projects on the ScratchJr-Desktop site

        Reloading saved projects
        For classroom use, sometimes it is handy to pre-configure a set of projects. All of the projects all save into the same Documents/ScratchJR/scratchjr.sqllite file. To set up projects beforehand, you can make a backup copy of this file.

        Here’s how.

        Make starter projects for your class – set up Scratch Jr with the projects you want everyone to use.
        Open up the ScratchJR folder inside of Documents
        Copy the scratchjr.sqllite file to scratchjr.sqllite.restore
        Re-open ScratchJR for desktop.

        After completing, there will be a menu option for restoring the projects. This will reset all the projects back to a clean copy of your projects. This is handy for a shared classroom setting where you don’t wish to save the work between students.

        1. Hi,

          My kids using this application on Desktop version (Windows 10). However, they are not able to sent their saved project through email where the android version have it. Do you now how to do it on Desktop version , please?

          Thank you,


          1. Hi Ferianto,

            unfortunately that is not possible. The mobile version of the application and the desktop version save the projects in a slightly different way (the file format is different). Therefore, it’s not possible to share the projects between desktop and mobile.

          2. Ferianto, I have the same challenge. I have installed Bluestacks (a kind of Android OS emulator) in my laptop running MS Windows 10. Bluestack creates a virtual Android environment over MS Windows and you can get access to Google Play Store to install a native Android ScratchJr apk. After that, you are able to get into App Folder and select Media Manger (Android file Manager) to find your SJR files. Just duble-click them and will be open in ScratchJR.

  1. muy buenas, cuando trato de compartir mis proyectos ScratchJr, me sale que no puede encontrar el dispositivo.

  2. is there any way i can share from desktop to desktop? desktop installation never gave me the option to use at home or at school, so i don’t have the “for parents” option

  3. Hi, this is not working for me at all, the phone cannot find the application to open the file even when scratch is open in the background as suggested above. Please help.

  4. Hi, my child used to be in the program on the computer Hello, but I could not submit my project. Send button is missing

  5. hi
    can you help me in this problem
    I don’t have icon to share my project
    and i want send it to another one what i have to do to send it

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